The Wicked City is a gothic science-fiction adventure series about righteousness and naive romanticism, set against a backdrop of manmade horrors.

If you are a fan of the fantasy-tinged, point-of-view shifting storytelling in A Song of Ice and Fire, but wish it were set in Dark City, this is your book.

Up above tower the Kyries – skyscraper-castles filled with the survivors of a long-past armageddon.  These scientists and artists whisper in disdain about their burden – the ‘city of the wicked’ – the sprawling urban labyrinth below.

In one of these towers, a young scientist relentlessly chases power and glory. He is joined by his peers, all similarly driven to save their home’s reputation.

In the city, a girl dreams of living in one of these vertical palaces, her prince at her side.

As she finally gets her chance, others in the city plot against the Kyries, determined to bring down these towers filled with unbelievable wonders.

New parts of the story are posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  If you’re new, start at the beginning.

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The Wicked City is written by Westin Lee. Wicked City started coming to him in dreams starting at age 11.